How Texnite's Expertise and Extensive Network Overcame Obsolete Part Challenges in 2023

28th Dec 2023

How Texnite's Expertise and Extensive Network Overcame Obsolete Part Challenges in 2023

2023 was a year that tested the resilience and resourcefulness of industries, with Texnite leading the charge in overcoming the challenges posed by obsolete industrial automation parts. Our success stories, underscored by an extensive network of suppliers and in-depth market knowledge, highlight our commitment to customer-centric solutions.

The Power Plant Crisis Averted: A Testament to Texnite's Network

A defining moment of 2023 was our swift response to a power plant emergency in New York City. They required an urgent replacement of a power supply module. Despite the late hour of the order, Texnite's efficient logistics came into play. We expedited the shipping process, ensuring the module's delivery before 8 AM the following day.

Henry Zeylikovich's Perspective

Henry Zeylikovich, Manager at Sur-Seal, shares his experience: "Texnite provided a power supply module which saved our NYC power plant customer from an emergency outage. We placed our order late in the afternoon. Even though it was well past their same day shipping cutoff time, Texnite still made an extra effort to ship our order immediately and the module arrived before 8 am the following morning."

Leveraging Expertise and Networks

Our approach combines deep industry knowledge with a robust network of suppliers. This allows us to source high-quality used, refurbished, and even hard-to-find surplus parts efficiently. In 2023, this approach not only solved numerous challenges but also minimized downtime and maximized operational efficiency for our clients.


Texnite’s journey through 2023 showcases our role as a crucial partner in industrial automation. By leveraging our extensive network and market expertise, we consistently provide fast, reliable solutions for even the most challenging scenarios. As we look forward to 2024, Texnite remains dedicated to excellence in customer service, ensuring that we remain your trusted provider for all industrial automation part needs.