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Kinetix® Cables, by Allen Bradley, include standard and continuous flexing cables, equipped with SpeedTEC® DIN connectors for a quick, one-quarter turn connection.Kinetix motor cables combine motor power, feedback, and brake conductors in a single shielded cable.

Transmit and receive feedback from a servo motor securely with Kinetix motor cables, which have been certified to global standards including tray cable rating, exposed run rating, IP67 rating, DESINA, and UL. Kinetix servo cables come in several models and specifications are designed to support all motion applications, drive systems, static applications and even reverse bending applications where continuous-flex is needed. Kinetix servo cables continuous flexing technology are specifically designed to avoid excessive strain and internal frictional heating that can lead to damage and premature axis failure. 

Whatever the application, you’re sure to find the right Kinetix motor cable for your needs. Shop our Allen Bradley cables and receive free US shipping!

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