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Absolute encoders are electromechanical  feedback devices that provide position and speed data with digital signals in relation to motion. Absolute rotary encoders generate unique digital codes, called bits, to measure and retain the encoder's actual position, even if power fails.

The two main types of absolute rotary encoders are single turn absolute encoders and multi-turn absolute encoders. A single turn encoder measures the absolute position within a revolution, while a multi-turn encoder provides both the position within a revolution and also the number of revolutions. Absolute position encoders come in various shaft styles (including, blind hollow bore and thru-bore) and a variety of housing sizes, bore diameters, signal types, and resolutions to choose from for your specific application. 

Our absolute encoders are available for a range of applications including light-duty, industrial, and high-performance configurations. Shop our most popular absolute rotary encoders and get free US shipping!

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